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Photography:  Yukiko Onley


Seiji Kuwabara

Born and raised in Japan, Seiji Kuwabara has called British Columbia home since 1991.  Entirely self-taught, he has gradually built his reputation as a furniture designer with meticulous workmanship and exceptional designs.   His work has been shipped as far as Ireland, New York, London and Singapore.   In addition, he has created more than 200 pieces of original furniture designs and 50 lighting pieces since 2000.

Himali Kuwabara

Born in Japan, Himali Kuwabara has always being passionate about art/designs.  Being adventurous, Himali solely moved to Vancouver at the age of 16.  Upon meeting with Seiji, Himali was then an explorer of applied and performing arts, gradually established her role as an art director of original furniture design company, In Element Designs.  She enjoys managing each project with clients globally while raising their beautiful two children.   


In Element Designs

In Element Designs is Vancouver-based studio producing original furniture.  A collaboration between Seiji's life time partner, Himali Kuwabara, I E has been introducing sophisticated, well-designed and constructed organic furniture since 2003.  Their shared philosophy of combining form and function creates unique art that transforms interiors into harmonious living spaces.  Fusing styles from their native Japan and the West, they design and build furniture which is durable, attractive and one-of-a-kind.  Besides their collection series, they work with clients to create custom-made furniture and interiors.  They enjoy shaping their customers’ visions into harmonious surroundings which feel like home.  Their range of work is extensive: cabinets, tables, chairs, bed frames, lighting, decorative accessories and shelves.  IE has designed interiors for many restaurants and other businesses such as cafes and hair salons in and around Vancouver.  In Element clients love the company’s elegant, handmade furniture, which brings functionality, simplicity and peacefulness to their space.