Thank you - ICFF 2018 -

We would like to say "thank you" for those who came to our booth at ICFF 2018 in New York last week.  We have enjoyed talking with everyone and appreciate all the positive feedback we have received.  

ICFF 2018 in New York

We are thrilled to announce we are participating again at ICFF in NY 2018!  Stay tuned for more information coming soon.



Light and Shadow, Function and Art.

The lighting can be in any form, with infinite possibilities.

When imagining object to be in my head, I look at it in a different angles without boundaries.

I have made many furniture in the past; the lighting pieces would be more than 50 different kind. Most of my work are functional-oriented and many are for custom made.

Therefore, for this exhibition, all the pieces are made with the concept of challenging the ordinary - the element of surprise.

Seiji Kuwabara

IDS 2014


It was our second show in IDS Toronto.  We have introduced KAZE lamp, HISHI candle holder and DIA vase along with AMI light box for the first time.